Leaving LEED in the Dust Through Sustainable Construction

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Increase ROI

Driving innovation through offsite interior construction is a chance for us to reduce our carbon footprint at all stages of the project. From design to first build and through the life of the space, sustainability drives our ideas and processes forward here at GRIT. Every day we’re leaving LEED in the dust...and we want you to come with us.

The GRIT team is here to help you build interiors that are both responsible and profitable. Together, we’ll create high-performance spaces that stay true to our environment-first mentality. Bonus: This sustainable approach translates to better ROI too.

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Building Better with Sustainable Construction

With a conventional construction project, guess where materials like drywall, wood, paint, wire, and carpet end up—in a landfill. It’s unfortunate, but construction is one of the most wasteful industries out there, filling nearly half of all landfills with discarded materials.

By maximizing material usage, GRIT helps you minimize waste generation throughout the build project and beyond. We always source materials that offer some environmental attributes, while also meeting our high-quality standards. Recycling and using less intensive materials isn’t enough. When we embrace a holistic sustainable approach, we build better.


Our Sustainable Approach Changes the Way People Build

When you build with GRIT, you’ll reduce waste and increase cost certainty. Our sustainable practices equate to all of these benefits:

  • Super lean manufacturing at three sites in North America means a smaller carbon footprint

  • 95% of the materials used are recycled or reused

  • Products made have EPD’s, HPD’s & SCS Indoor Advantage Gold, and are in mindfulMaterials—creating healthy interiors when installed

  • Solutions contribute to LEED, Well Building and Full Life Cycle Assessments

  • Utilizing ICE software for design and manufacturing reduces mistakes, eliminates materials waste, and reduces the need for mock-ups

  • Offsite construction leads to significant waste reduced on first build job sites—reducing risks and safety hazards, while shortening job schedules.

  • Designed For Disassembly and moveable solutions drastically reduce waste produced when remodeling and changes are needed during the life of the space