Custom Offsite Constructed Interiors That Continually Evolve

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Reduce Waste, Labor, and Cost...Without Compromising Design

Efficiency and elegance can now co-exist in one glorious space. GRIT’s interior building solutions deliver measurable savings in waste, labor, and cost. What we don’t skimp on: quality and high-design. 

Are you a skeptic? Come visit our Learning Center and explore some of our custom prefab interiors to see what we mean. While exploring these interior possibilities, let your imagination roam free. When you’re ready to kick off your project, you know where to find us…



  • The DIRTT process was shockingly easy. The core and shell portion of our project suffered from constant delays and change orders. DIRTT had short lead times, it arrived on schedule, was installed quickly by true professionals, and was coordinated seamlessly by the DIRTT team. They made my job as the project manager very easy.

    — Amy McClaughry, Facilities Project Manager, Daimler Trucks North America
  • We have partnered with the DIRTT team on many occasions and without exception it has been a truly collaborative and rewarding partnership. From preliminary budgeting and client presentations to installation and follow up, our Project Managers and Designers know they are in good hands with the amazing group of DIRTT professionals at GRIT.

    — Michael Stueve, Lead Architect
  • I love the aesthetics and flexibility in product, particularly being able to integrate DIRTT technology—the fly through was incredibly helpful for the client. The design process was awesome. The install was fast and seamless. I strongly believe that this is the future of office design.

    — Stacie Fischer, Interior Designer, SRM Architecture











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