Take the Power Back with ICE Technology


ICE Technology

When it’s time to embark on your offsite construction adventure, you want to feel in control but you also want peace of mind. Our ICE technology puts the power back in your hands, so you can have steely confidence during the entire lifecycle of your build project.

Technology-driven construction makes a monumental difference when you’re bringing your vision forward, which is why we use ICE software throughout our process. Whether it’s an upfront cost comparison or visualizing design changes in virtual reality, we think you’ll agree with us on this one...it’s time to embrace the power of technology.




Harness technology-DRIVEN Construction

Using ICE®software by DIRTT as our platform, we are able to build custom solutions using fewer resources than typical manufacturers.

The patented combination of a videogame experience, with the intelligence of engineering and design, means ICE gives clients a full understanding of their construction project. Simultaneously ICE delivers the design as a barcode directly to the factory floor—no matter where that factory is in the world.


Upfront cost comparison

What you see is only a small portion of all there is to see. The same is true when building out your office interior. An upfront cost comparison of conventional vs modular options is only the tip of the ICEberg.

Reconfigurations, construction schedule, overhead, energy savings, tax recovery, can all save you time and money during install and in the years to come.


Design changes in real time

ICEreality overlays virtual reality with the real world. The 3D design of a proposed interior space is placed into real environments, allowing users to see the physical world around them, including people, while experiencing and manipulating virtual objects. 

Users can design, modify and price their interiors in real time. Changes are tracked in the ICE software, producing construction directions to the decimal point of a millimeter and resulting in fast, clean installations.