Timber Frame Is Bringing Sexy Back

What happens when raw lumber, advanced engineering, and endless creativity unite? Timber frame. It's really hot right now, especially in areas of high growth like the Pacific Northwest where sustainability is a way of life.

Want to redefine multi-function spaces in a gorgeous way? Or add extra square footage without adding to the building footprint? Then we highly suggest you take a good long look at timber frame.

It’s sexy, it’s sustainable, it's kind of a big deal. Here’s why...

What Timber Frame Can Do for Your Space

When you install timber frame, whether in the interior or as the exterior structure, you're working with a blank canvas that has incredible potential in design and function.

For example, add a timber mezzanine to your warehouse to double its square footage, making the most out of vertical spaces. Create drop-in style cubes or private phone booths to break out collaboration spaces in your otherwise open floor plan.

Timber frame interiors break the monotony of a drafty, open warehouse by compartmentalized rooms and offices. While timber frame can do small jobs like this, it handles big projects, such as this 2016 timber frame high rise in New Jersey. It also delivers jaw-dropping definition to an entryway or lobby to give your clients an unforgettable initial experience of your space and your brand.

The Awesome Benefits of Timber Frame

There are many benefits of timber frame that make it an excellent material for innovative interior additions. According to HomeAdvisor's Timber Framing guide, "If you’re looking for a strong, open, and beautiful...design, you can’t beat the looks and function of timber framing...the popularity of this building style has skyrocketed in the last 30 years."

Strength, beauty, and longevity—what else could you want in a structural frame? Timber frame also boasts these stunning features:

It's Customizable

Interior timber frame structures can meet countless needs and adapt as your operations evolve. Whether you need a conference room today that can serve as a lounge tomorrow, the versatile nature of timber frame makes it possible.

It's Durable

Some wood species can last for hundreds of years when you maintain them. In fact, some wood frame buildings in Europe are known to have lasted over 500 years!

It's Eco-friendly

Timber is biodegradable, absorbs carbon dioxide, and doesn't emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Timber comes from a renewable source and its waste is recyclable as well.

Fast Construction

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) uses interlocking profiles to eliminate the use of glue or fasteners, setting you up for a quick build.

Less Waste

When you take advantage of offsite construction methods, all the materials are brought to you pre-cut and formed, which eliminates the nuisance of wood chips, dust, and excess construction waste.

It Looks and Feels Great

Timber, be it refined or rustic, brings a warmth and texture to interiors that no other material can match. People are naturally attracted to it. In the spaces we've installed timber frame, folks respond very positively to how it makes them feel. This material has ancient roots in human structures so it taps into our ancestral natures in a unique way.

commercial timber frame interior timber trusses performance space.jpg

Why the Timber Frame Interior is Here to Stay

Though timber is a classic material, new construction technology has innovated the framing process, making it faster than ever to raise interior structures. Popular Science comments on the sudden rise in wood's popularity in the past 30 years,

"Compared with steel or concrete, CLT, also known as mass timber, is cheaper, easier to assemble, and more fire resistant, thanks to the way wood chars. It’s also more sustainable."

In the Pacific Northwest, we're always looking to the future in the way we build. We're mindful of our carbon footprint and believe that using a renewable source is vital. We're also wild about productivity and speed. The fact that timber satisfies both visions makes it an easy choice.  

Timber Frame Meets Offsite Interior Construction

What can't you do with timber frame when it takes just days to set up something new? Check out our website for past projects that include:

Feeling the timber frame craze? At GRIT, we aim to provide you with sustainable construction options for any environment. Ask us how we can customize timber to meet your unique needs and maximize its benefits for you.

Angela Glatz