A Rare Look at DIRTT Solutions Under Construction

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We hear the word “sustainable” thrown around all the time. When it comes to sustainable interior construction, folks aren’t always clear about what that really means—and why it’s so incredibly important.

In a World Green Building Trends Study, reducing energy consumption continues to be the top environmental reason globally for building green. Protecting natural resources and reducing water consumption round out the top three list of motivating factors.

A recent new downtown tower tenant here in Portland met their LEED requirements by limiting their construction waste to about 90 tons. That 90 tons was all new material, bought and paid for, shipped to site, labored into the building, then manipulated on site to fit.

The result? Well, almost 30% of those new materials were subsequently removed from the site, requiring additional labor and transportation to be disposed of (about 12% landfill, 17% recycled). We at GRIT are committed to doing better.

So, yes...the obvious motivation for sustainable construction is protecting the environment. But there are other fantastic benefits for building green as well.

Why Builders Choose GRIT for Sustainable Projects

When it comes to off-site constructed sustainable interior solutions, GRIT is the leading expert in the Pacific Northwest. Beyond the do-good aspect of choosing green construction over traditional, these are a few key benefits of working with us that alleviate uncertainties you may have experienced before:

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  1. Cost certainty - Conventional construction projects are notorious for going over budget. Since we use ICE Software for design, manufacturing, and estimating, there are no unexpected monetary surprises when the project ends.

  2. Time certainty - Another culprit (that certainly affects project budget) is time. We incorporate the finish work of 6-10 trades in our off-site manufacturing facility. We can also predict our exact arrival date on site and greatly reduce the time within a project schedule for our scope of work.

  3. Visual certainty -  Looking at two dimensional drawings and details can leave too much to interpretation. Our VR technology lets you literally walk your space and make changes as you design them, so what you design is what gets built.

To see how these benefits unfold, Withum Accounting is a sterling example.

Long before the DIRTT construction began, Withum Accounting was pleased to gain the comfort of visual certainty by way of our VR technology. Cost and time certainty benefits were equally rewarding. By choosing to use DIRTT—as opposed to conventional drywall construction—they avoided sending 25,000 lbs of drywall scraps to the landfill.

GRIT is also opening the first and only Green Learning Center (GLC) dedicated to sustainable interior construction in Portland, Oregon. What the heck is a Green Learning Center, you ask?

It’s basically our happy place where our best ideas come to life. Our GLC also exists to give you a place to experience creative and innovative ways for your interior dreams to come to life. Because everything we do is custom, nothing is special. It’s just the way we build.

Join Us for Our Open House: DIRTT in the Rough

Our open house event, DIRTT in the Rough, is a rare opportunity to see DIRTT solutions under construction as we finish building our new Green Learning Center, the first of its kind in the Pacific Northwest.

Every Thursday in March from 8am-noon, you’ll get a chance to see a different phase of DIRTT construction in action. And, don’t be shy. Feel free to come every week to witness the full progression as we transform our site into a home.

Drop-ins are absolutely welcome. If you want more project-specific attention, please reach out to GRIT’s Project Executive and DIRTT champion, Angela angelag@buildwithgrit.com.

Check out our time lapse video for a sneak peek of the new space...

Angela Glatz